My name is Timothy Keynes

I was born and I am resident in France. I am currently in the third year of Polytech Nice, an engineer school at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

At this point in my education, I am ready to apply my acquired knowledge to contribute on any project. I am in a position to leverage my education, communication skills, and my leadership experience to succeed.

The experience I have obtained in the university and through my private interests would provide me with a smooth transition to any project. I have a good ability to learn quickly, easily grasp complex concepts, and complete assignments independently (or as part of a team) with a high level of performance.

I welcome the opportunity to speak in more detail. Please feel free to contact me by email at tim@keynes.fr.

About Me

Hey, I’m Tim, a 20-year-old CS student, entrepreneur and freelance from the French Riviera.

I am a dreamer at heart, builder by nature, and coder by trade. My favorite part of being an engineer is having the ability to change the way people live around us with minimal resources...

Currently undertaking the third year of Polytech Engineering School in Sophia Antipolis, I am also involved in many projects and businesses around IT innovation. Moreover, I’m freelancing when my schedule allows me to.

I’m always looking for new problems to solve, so if you’ve got a project you need a hand with, feel free to contact me directly at tim@keynes.fr.